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About Myself

Well now, about myself and my Irish Wolfhound family.  My name is Kyreen Shorey and I am the proud owner of Kaldaun Reg’d.  Kaldaun has come about through determination, hard work and the sheer love that I have for this breed and have had since I was eleven years of age.  I have owned and been owned by Irish Wolfhounds now for 31 years and been a member of the Canadian Kennel Club for 20 years.  I have also been a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada for approximately 28 years and a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America for over fourteen years.

I was a Registered Nurse at the Kingston General Hospital and have recently retired from nursing and now work on a casual basis in order to devote more of my time to the showing and breeding of my Irish Wolfhounds.  Growing up in a large family we were lucky to always have been allowed to have pets, especially dogs, but it wasn’t until I turned eleven, read about the Irish Wolfhound and saw its picture that I just knew that someday I would have one for my own.  At the age of fifteen I met my first Irish Wolfhound in person.  His name was “Angus” and he was a beautiful tall gray.  I remember telling the gentleman who owned him at that time, that someday I would have one of my own.  But it was another ten years before I was able to make that dream come true, with my Superstar Clever Ciara.  She was joined less than a year later with a half brother, Superstar in Life, aka “Chewbaca”.

Then after another six years, I purchased my Ceana Keir, a Demage wolfhound bitch, that I decided I would like to try my hand at showing.  I visited a few dog shows and then jumped in with both feet, discovering that is was not as easy as it looked, but with some work, Ceana did not too badly actually winning points towards her Championship.  She went on to place third in her age catagory at the Quebec Specialty and within the top four at our National.  Unfortunately my girl wasn’t of sufficient quality to be bred and died young from complications after spay surgery.  It was at one of the dog shows I was attending that I met Mrs. Daley of Aotearoa Irish Wolfhounds, from whom I later purchased and co-owned my first “show” hound, Aotearoa Kia Ora.  I not only put Champion titles on those I obtained from Mrs. Daley but went on to breed and put titles on those I have bred myself!

All my wolfhounds live in our home and are well socialized from puppyhood through to adults.  As I always consider them my ‘pets’ first I made the decision to keep my numbers low so that I would not have to make use of kennels.  For many breeders this is a choice they make but it has never felt right to me.  This breed loves to be a part of our lives just as much as I want them to be a part myself.  Because of this they all go through obedience and show training and often are complemented on their behaviour when out in public.  But being Irish Wolfhounds they do love to “push the envelope” and can make life quite the challenge.

The first litter I whelped years ago was out of my Cdn Champion Aroha Noa (aka “Noa”), sired by Mrs. Daley’s Cdn Champion Aotearoa Oldine Freehold Moa, with the help of Louise Bouchat-Laird who was relatively new to the breed at the time.  My beautiful girl produced seven lovely puppies, six boys and one girl, a few of whom went on to become Canadian Champions!


I couldn’t resist these girls.  At 9 weeks they were full of fun and lovely outgoing puppies.  They certainly kept my boys on the run during their brief visit.  Congratulations to their breeder  Mrs. Terry Duff of Baileysong Kennels.

Since then I’ve chosen to bring some changes into my bloodlines and with Noa’s last breeding brought in bloodlines from Europe using Cathy Charles of Tirnanog Irish Wolfhound’s beautiful male ‘Griff’.  Unfortunately Noa only had a single male puppy.  Well the search continued until I finally decided and then brought in bloodlines from one of the most successful Irish Wolfhound breeders in Europe and even the world,  Conny Fernhout of Pitlochry’s Sighthounds’.  My Pitlochry’s Olivia has already produced her first litter.  The pups are beautiful examples of the breed and I am sure that those that are going to be shown will easily reach their Championships in no time!  I kept a female, Kaldaun’s Arwen and you can meet her on her own web page.  I have no doubt she will be as beautiful as her mother in no time!

I hope to continue breeding/showing Irish Wolfhounds for many years to come and to continue meeting all the interesting people and their beautiful dogs whom I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and get to know during the pursuit of my dreams!


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