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Kaldaun’s Arwen:  Date of  Birth - September 8, 2014

Dam:  Pitlochry’s Olivia (NLD)                                                          Sire:   Pitlochry’s The Talented Mr. Ripley(NLD)


Meet my beautiful Kaldaun’s Arwen, at 8 months of age.  She is the daughter of Ch. Pitlochry’s Olivia and Pitlochry’s Talented Mr. Ripley, aka ‘Mister’.

Arwen is an intelligent high energy girl and shows signs of becoming as beautiful a mature wolfhound as her mother and father are.  Join me on the journey of her life as she matures and enters the dog show world!

Please meet Pitlochry’s The Talented Mr. Ripley, Arwen’s sire. ‘Mister’ resides with his owner/handler my friend Cathy Charles.  Cathy also kept a son from Olivia’s first litter, Kaldaun’s Aengus na Tirnanog, aka “Aengus” who is brother to my Arwen.  I will post his picture on her webpage when I can get a decent photo so that you can see the quality of the offspring Olivia and Mister have produced.

Hi there, I just had my 8 weeks old birthday.  These are pictures of me and mom getting my first ‘posed’ photos!  I am having lots of fun at it too!


My very first show stack!...well attempt.... ( say I try her patience more than any of the other wolfhounds she has had!

My first bribe!

And for all her good work.......lots of hugs and kisses!

Playtime with Mom (Olivia), Arwen and cousin MacTire (son of my Olcan)!!!

Arwen at 7 months of age.  Not a posed stack, but a natural one of her own.  She has come a long way since 8 weeks of age!

I want to flyyyyyy..... 

Mother and daughter.  Arwen is definitely going to be the taller bitch in the not too distant future!  Irish Wolfhounds love to run but some more than others.  Livie has passed her love for running on to her daughter.  It is a joy and privelege to see them together like this.

These next three photographs show the close connection Arwen has with her mother Olivia and her mother with her.  At seven months Arwen has a long way to go to before she will fulfill the promise she is now displaying.

Meet Owen, a golden retriever owned by Heather Bashaw running here with my Arwen.  They get along beautifully with the added bonus.....yep, they tire each other out!

I am very pleased to announce that at the IWCC Quebec Regional Show, only her second show at 9 months of age Arwen took first place in the 6 to 9 month old bitch class.  She then went on to win Best Puppy in Show under Breeder Judge, Mrs. Jenny Dove of Saringa’s, from the U.K.  As promised here is her photo and critique from Jenny Dove. 

Judge Jenny Dove stated, “Eight month old cream brindle, gorgeous head and dark eye, good length of neck into sound well angulated shoulders, great front with correct feet, deep brisket with good length and ribbing.  Tail and set just right, excellent hindquarters with low set hocks.  Sound easy mover, a smashing pup who will go far.  Best Puppy in Show over excellent litter brother.  She was just more finished and together on the final move.

It is early fall and my Arwen is slowly maturing.  Though not as dark as her mother she shows the same promise.  She is almost a Champion now but we are done for the year.  I will let her enjoy herself and finish her Championship next summer.  It has been interesting because her brother Aengus has been hard to beat and Arwen is clocking up a LOT of Best of Opposites! (LOL)

Here we have Arwen running with my Olcan’s son, BaileySong’s MacTire at Kaldaun.  Lots of energy these two and she is still keeping the lead over this younger, cousin!

“We’re flyingggggg!” Awesome photo by Heather, showing Arwen litterly suspended in mid-gallop and even Mac is only touching with the one paw!

Stay tuned!  We will be back!


Arwen at the UKC show here in Kingston.  It was fun but brother Aengus took home most of the points, lol.  May persue it again next year but right now will be working more on her Grand Championship for which she just needs a few more points.


Well here we are at 2 years of age at the Quebec Regional Specialty.  Arwen is up against some stiff competition as we have a lot of 4 and 5 year old mature wolfhounds and she has to compete in the Specials category.  LOL, she got beat out by her more mature mom Olivia who made it to the last cut and who competed for BOB against her son Aengus!

I was quite pleased with Arwen and she will be even better next year!!!

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