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Aotearoa Kaldaun Falshane (aka “Hercules):  Born May 3, 2010                                                                                               Sire:  Cdn Ch Aotearoa Moa                                                                                 Dam: Cdn Ch Aotearoa Aroha Noa


Now for the latest addition to the Kaldaun Irish Wolfhound family; Hercules!  I have to take this moment to explain the major difference from Herc’s call name and that of his registered name.  Falshane is the name I had all prepared for my next puppy.  Falshane is my adaption from the name of a famous wolfhound belonging to one of the Irish Kings.  The name had appealed to me but I’ve tweeked it a bit.  When Noa’s first pup was born Louise and I seemed to fall into this theme from the Greek Gods from mythology and then came Hercules so strong and feeding vigorously right from the beginning.  Louise thought immediately of the powerful Hercules and it has just stuck.  So Falshane he is for his registered name but Hercules (or Herc) he remains.  Louise by the way has Heera, Hercules’ sister.

Hercules with his brothers and sister.  Mother, Aroha Noa taking good care of all her children.

Hercules with his first “posed” photo.  A reflection of things to come!

Hercules with one of his brothers, ‘Toot’.

Hercules’ sire, Aotearoa Moa showing a typically beautiful Irish Wolfhound head.    This is one of his photos for Best Head at one of the Irish Wolfhound Specialties.  Moa has received a lot of these awards, just like his father Aotearoa Manuka 2nd.

Hercules’ father Moa taking a Group First placement at the All Breed Show in Kingston, Ontario, with owner/handler Mrs. Daley.  He was less than two years old at the time.

Falshane, aka “Hercules” or “Herc” as he is sometimes now called at 8 weeks old.  Wonder what he as spotted now.  Probably “Uncle Mannie”, whom he loves to chase after.

Nine weeks old and at his first show to watch a new friend.  I’m not sure but I think I caught him out planning something he shouldn’t be.  That is surely one a guilty look, hmmm.  Someday it will his turn to strut his stuff!

Oh well back to the dog watching.  Watching all the different types running about is vastly intertaining, not to mention all the friendly humans!

Hercules, looking out at his sister Hera from Louise and Terry’s back deck.  He is now 16 1/2 weeks old now.

Herc and Hera running around in the back area of Louise and Terry’s fenced yard.  Glorious fun for these young hounds.  Now what mischief can they get up to one wonders.

I swear she is asking him to play ball!  That head of hers is definitely her mothers, she is certainly the boss like her mother and Herc seems to be looking more like dad each day.

Terry O’Shaughnessy, one of the co-owners of Herc’s sister Hera is attempting to coax the kids into posing for a picture.  Not an easy task with these two.  Hera’s other owner is Louise Bouchat-Laird of Kalkinny Fiddaun Kennel.  The “kids” figured out pretty quickly that he had no treat but Louise caught them in the brief span of time they fell for it.

Six months and counting......

Kaldaun Falshane aka “Hercules”at 13 months of age, taking the Best of Breed win at the Kingston and District Kennel Club Dog show on Friday June 17, 2011 under All Breed Judge, Phyllis Wolfish.  Herc was handled by Savannah as I couldn’t handle both of my boys at the same time.  This was also only Herc’s second outdoor show and I’m proud to say he behaved and performed well.  He has had two previous Winners Dogs and Best of Winners placings so far and on Sunday he took once again the Best of Winners under All Breed Judge Donald Wallace, handled by myself,  putting him well on the way to his Canadian Championship.  He was beaten by his first cousin Olcan, so overall a win, win situation all round.  Both are beautiful males, each with different in personalities and type.

The judges comment concerning Hercules was that he could “easily see this fellow bringing home the dinner, even at his young age.”  At this time my Hercules has just turned 14 months and is still growing!

Meet Herc and his sister Hera and her owner Louise Bouchat-Laird.  Hera won Best of Opposite Sex the same day!

It has been a dry spring this year (2012) so the snow was gone early and my dogs love our walks at a nearby conservation area.  Hercules especially loves checking on the various feeders devoted to his favourite feathered friends’ (favourite in his mind anyway).  He would probably still be patiently waiting at this one  if I hadn’t moved on.  It always amazes me at how so much of the wild life we meet does not run in fear at the sight of my wolfhounds.  This time the poor boy was waiting in vain, the feeder was out of bird food, but the smells I’m sure were just as intriquing!

Hercules received a Third place in the Bred by Exhibiter Class at the Irish Wolfhound Club of Quebec’s annual Specialty in 2012 under Judge Mrs. Dagmar Kenis Pordham of ‘Solstrand Irish Wolfhounds’.  Her comment was right on the mark about my boy.  She said “Two year old shaded wheaton brindle dog.  Very pleasant head, high earset giving a very keen expression.  Still very young looking dog.  Free and easy mover.”  My Herc is just turned  two years now and still has much maturing to do but I have no doubt he will be a very lovely example of a powerful male wolfhound like his grandpa Kia Ora when done reaching his full growth.

Herc and myself peforming the diagonal for the judge.

The go around for the final look for the judge.

A couple of final head shots while he posed one last time for the judge.  Hercules is a young wolfhound who just turned 2 years old before this show  worked very well for me and I was very proud of my boy.  Congrats on a well deserved win Herc!!!

Two years now and counting..........

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