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Kia Ora

Cdn Ch Aotearoa Kia Ora (aka “Kikki”):  Born February 2, 2004                                                                                                             Sire:  Aotearoa The Rising of Tokelry (Bruce)                                                                         Dam:  Ch Aotearoa Hihi Kata (Denise)


I originally co-owned my Kia Ora with Mrs. Daley of Aotearoa Irish Wolfhounds for the first couple years of his life and once I became the sole owner began showing him successfully myself.  He became the foundation sire for my current dogs.  Kia Ora means “Good Luck” or “Good Health” in Maori, the native language of New Zealand where Mrs. Daley originally came from.  Kia had outstanding conformation and an outgoing personality and was loved by the judges.

At six months of age at his very first show (seen below) Kia won the Junion Puppy Dog Sweepstakes class at the IWCC National Specialty under breeder/judge Jacqueline Carswell of “Carnasserie”, USA. My niece Angela handled him to this win.

I have no ‘formal’ pictures of Kia’s father, ‘Bruce’, but I wanted to introduce you to him and offer my thanks to Cathy Rivoire for the beautiful photos she has very kindly given me.  It is obvious that the love was a two way street for this big guy.  It was from Bruce that Kia inherited not only his height and powerful movement but also his loving nature.  (I’ve included other photos of the big guy in my ‘Family/Friends’ page.) 

A month later at his first All Breed show he won Best Puppy in Group under judge Leslie Rogers.  I remember his comment to Mrs. Daley concerning Kia:  “He is a beautiful puppy, so correct in structure and movement and with a wonderful attitude.”

Cdn Ch Aotearoa Kia Ora went on for some very exciting wins.  At his first show in 2005 Kia won his 12 to 15 month Sweepstakes class at the IWCA (Irish Wolfhound Club of America) National Specialty under breeder/judge Donna Pitt.  Then a week later he won his 12 to 18 month Regular class at the IWCC (Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada) Regional Specialty under breeder/judge Roni Kaluza “Sidhe” USA, who described him as “A very powerful, easy moving dog with a very masculine head.  Front movement was the best in this class and this plus his curvy body shape won him the class.  Has a lot of promise.”

My Kia easily finished his championship during the Summer of 2005 with group placements and Best of Breed at the Capital Area Sighthound Association.  He had exciting Specialty wins at the IWANE Specialty in Warwick, RI, USA on July 31st, where he placed 2nd in Open dogs, the youngest in his class, under breeder/judge Jen Malley, “Ainsea”, UK.  He took 1st in Bred by Exhibitor Dogs at the IWCC National Specialty on September 17th under breeder/judge Gretchen Bernardi, “Berwyck”, USA, whose comments were, “This dog has outstanding movement on both ends, and from the side, reachy and powerful; a dog of great quality and outstanding type”.  Kia then took 3rd at the the IWAGS Specialty in Somerset, NJ, USA under breeder/judge Jenny Dove, “Saringa”, UK.

Kia Ora with his Uncle Bassie.  I had purchased Bassie from Mrs. Daley of Aotearoa Irish Wolfhounds at 18 months.  Unfortunately he died of cancer at 4 years of age.  Such a beautiful boy and well loved.  We still miss you Bass.  Kia was fifteen months here.

In July of 2007 Kia took another Best of Breed and Group 4th at the Limestone Kennel Dog’s All Breed Dog Show in Kingston.  He moved beautifully for me and despite the hot and humid weather once again proved the quality of Wolfhound he was.

Kia Ora winning Best Stud Dog at the IWCC Regional Specialty in Quebec in May of 2007 under Judge Nancy King-Aiken.  Shown her with his son, Tihi Aru (“Aru”) and his daughter Aroha Noa (“Noa”).  She said, “A three year old male coming into his prime, his get speaks for itself.  If sire’s gets have his coat, colour, size and expression he has done very well.

A beautiful action shot of Kia running with Lois Freedman’s daughter Sara.

Then at his last show at the IWAGS Specialty of October 2007 under Breeder/Judge Jean McDonald Ulliott (Hibeck, UK), Kia Ora once again proved the quality of Irish Wolfhound he was.  I was unable to show him due to health reasons and a fellow competitor consented to show him for me.  He came in 2nd place in the Open Dogs.  Mrs. McDonald Ulliott said, “Very hard stallion hound, loved his strong bone, superb feet and good legs.  He was in good condition and in great coat.  Typical neck and a great shoulder.  Strong Quarters showing strength through his hocks.  Liked his topline and rise over the loin.  His overall balance was spot on, an active hound covering much ground.

Tragically this was Kia’s last show as he contracted kennel cough while away at another kennel.  The kennel cough deteriorated into pneumona.  I lost my beloved boy in such a short time but he has left an excellent legacy.  As usual, in this photo my ‘Kiki’ was gazing at something of much more interest (at least to him) in the distance.  His joy in running free and his beautiful nature has been passed on to his children and grandchildren.

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