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Great News!  I am proud to announce the breeding between Kaldaun’s Rhiannon (aka, ‘Rhi’) and Kaldaun’s Eochaid MacEire (aka ‘Ollie’)!  If pregnant the litter will be due July 17, 2024. I am very excited about this litter, as it will be my first line breeding in three generations.  I have already begun the waiting list for this litter so if interested in getting a puppy just fill in the application and send it in.  I will return your email and discuss your application with you when I have received it.  Pups from this litter will be ready to go to their new homes towards the end of September 2024.  

I’ve posted a couple of candid photos noted below of the parents and have more photos of them on my Facebook page for Kaldaun.

I cannot show my Rhiannon at this time (she is part way to her championship) until we are definite about the pregnancy but I and Sandi who is th owner of Ollie are show grooming Ollie and I hope to put some updated photos of them both on the Kaldaun FB page and here in the not so distant future!

Should you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

Sincerely yours,

Kyreen Shorey                                                                                                                                       Kaldaun




Kaldaun’s Rhiannon, aka,Rhi


Kaldaun’s Eochaid MacEire


Ollie head photo and for more photos that I have posted visit my Kaldaun FB page!

PS.  Every so often I get inquiries for more mature dogs.  Check my Mature Adoption page to see if I have any available or know of any elsewhere!!


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