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Kaldaun’s next litter(s) will be my Olivia’s last litter and  will be for breeding this summer with the litter whelped in the late summer of 2017Pups would be ready to go to their new homes by the fall of 2017.  As usual I am opening a new waiting list for this litter in advance in order to avoid disappointed owners to be.

****I am please to announce that I have had so many potential owners looking for Kaldaun puppies I am definitely considering a second litter this year.  It would be a first for me and I would be breeding Arwen, in June or July of 2017.  Arwen is Olivia’s daughter.  This is unusual for me but I hate to see people waiting 1 - 2 years for their puppy.  If I get enough for that second litter it will be a go and I will just take 2018 off !(lol)***

I have chosen my MacTire to sire Olivia’s litter and though young he displays the excellent conformation of his father and mother.

In the meantime I will be updating both Olivia’s and her daughter Arwen’s and soon to come daughter Beltane’s webpages and suggest you keep checking in to see the progress in a developing Irish Wolfhound..

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and to those who recently contacted me about the last puppy I am truly sorry, but he was spoken for very quickly and I just did not have time to get this update done.

Sincerely yours,

Kyreen Shorey                                                                                                                                       Kaldaun



PS.  Every so often I get inquiries for more mature dogs.  Check my Mature Adoption page to see if I have any available or know of any elsewhere!!



My ‘little’ Neila from Olivia’s last litter.  Here she is at 5 1/2 months.  The following video celebrates many youngsters who I’ve been owned by and whom I’ve bred who are enjoying their new lives.  Hope you enjoy it to!

The following links are for videos that just briefly hightlight some of Kaldaun’s puppies, both my own and those who now have wonderful homes.  I hope you  enjoy this ‘puppy fix’!

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