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Mature Adoptions
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I admit I’ve been fortunate as a breeder not to have often used this page, but at some point all breeders find themselves being called upon to help an Irish Wolfhound owner, rehome their beloved family member.  As these owners have made such a difficult decision in the first place, I ask that only serious inquires respond to any of the postings I’ve placed here at the owners’ requests.

Sometimes I receive requests to assist fellow breeders with similar placements and you might also find such postings listed as well.

If you see a posting that might be suitable for you and your family then I ask you to email me with your inquiry and contact details.  I will then contact the owner concerned and if he/she thinks you might suit I will forward your inquiry on to them.  If the owner does not think you would be suitable for them I will be sure to let you know.  Do not take it too personal if an owner does not have me forward on your inquiry.  Each of us is different and we raise our dogs differently.  Special circumstances might be required for that particular dog.  If such exist I will try to see they are placed within the posting but not having raised these dogs myself I feel it best to leave it to the owner to make such judgements.

I also want to make it known that these dogs/bitches are not necessarily ‘free’ to good homes.  I leave it up to their owners what fee they charge the new owner(s).   Irish Wolfhounds are not a common breed and to be able to get one who is relatively young, well trained and socialized should be considered an honour and having been fortunate to purchase such a Wolfhound years ago myself in a family’s time of need I am happy to say it was a pleasure to be owned by my ‘Bassie’.  I gave thanks to his former owners for entrusting him to me in their time of need.  At that time Bass was an eighteen month old and I had never adopted an adult dog before let alone a wolfhound.  I was pleasantly surprised to realized I was able to really, really enjoy him from the outset.  He was great with children having been raised with them, well socialized around other dogs and took his show championship in only one weekend, well once I was able to get him to stop sitting when a judge would look at his teeth....such a well trained boy!!  All the work really had been done by his former owners and their young children, so as I said before a pleasant surprise.

I’ve told my owners not to ever ‘give’ their dog away.  I have found over the years people sometimes do not really value that which they’ve not have to pay for.  In these cases all the training and rearing of these dogs have been done by someone else, so hello people lets not undervalue their hard work.  Yes the dog is older and I don’t expect anyone as a new owner to pay full price but depending on the age of the wolfhound looking for a new home I leave it to the former and new owners to work out an equitable arrangement.

And now good luck in your search and hopefully one of these Wolfhound(s) will suit!!


At this time I do not have any mature Irish Wolfhounds needing adoption but have been contacted by a breeder friend who has a one year old young male looking for a new home .  If interested see below!



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Hello, meet Finnegan.  Finnegan is a lovely, red brindled Irish Wolfhound yearling who has become the victim of divorce (not the first time I’ve seen this).  Unfortunately the new owner cannot take him with her and so has returned him to his breeders, Terri Duff and Sarah Duff of Baileysong Kennels.  Finnegan not only has an impeccable pedigree he is worthy of being shown and has in fact two points towards his Championship, and this from the only show his owner took him to!  So, if only looking for companion for you or your family or interested in trying out the show ring and perhaps putting a Champion title on your wolfhound then Finnegan (aka ‘Finn’) would be the perfect puppy for you.  I have personally met this youngster last summer and he caught my eye for his lovely conformation and gentle nature.  He deserves a great home and Terri has asked me to assist her with his rehoming.   At this time I am asking for only serious inquiries and this rehoming of Finn is NOT a rescue, so Terri is asking for a purchase fee.    Please contact me at (613) 389-6907 if interested and I’ve added a couple of photos of the Mighty Finn!


Lovely head shot of Finn with Sarah.

All stacked like just like for show!

fin side

Another profile shot!

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