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Cdn. Ch.  BaileySong Olcan Odyssey (“Olcan”):   Born: August 26, 2008                                                                                                         Sire:  Cdn. Ch. Aotearoa Tihi Aru                                                                                        Dam:  Cdn. Ch. BaileySong                                                                                                            Aotearoa Anahea


Meet my Olcan at 9 weeks of age, the son of my beautiful Tihi Aru.  His name is the old irish word for ‘wolf’.  I love the old Irish language and if I’m of a mind to I sometimesl look there for a special name to use.  Mind you this little fella’s nickname was ‘Hedgehog’ because of that head full of hair that stood straight up.  Olcan was my stud fee puppy pick and not an easy choice as his mother (and Aru) produced a very nice litter.  Olcan’s mother is Cdn Ch BaileySong Aotearoa Anahera (“aka Hannah”), a beautiful bitch bred and owned by Mrs.Terri Duff of BaileySong Irish Wolfhounds, in Prescott, Ontario.  At the time he did not have the best head but I felt he had the best overall bone and balanced build that I was looking for.  Considering his show career so far and his excellent conformation I believe he has easily proven his excellent quality.  From both of his parents he has inherited a gentle demeanor.  Thank you Terri Duff for using my gentle Aru to produce such wonderful pups!

This picture and the next were generously provided by Terri Duff the co-breeder of his litter..  I find wolfound pups are not only adorable but such clowns at this age.  Thank you Terri for allowing me to use them, much appreciate.


Our FIRST show pose!

Olcan won a BOB at his first show in Arnpior in the spring of 2009 at 7 and a half months of age.  Savannah of Luv A K9, was able to show him for me due to my broken wrist.  Both he and Mannie had a successful weekend.  Below on the far left is one of Olcan’s sisters, Brin handled by Sarah, then in the center is his brother Briggs, handled by his owner Louise Bouchat-Laird of Kalkinny Kennels and then of course myself with Olcan.  I’m not sure who the dogs were all looking at, but I have to admit Briggs is the one with his ears correctly “rosed” at that moment.

Olcan’s next show was the Hochelaga Kennel Club All Breed show at the end of April 2009. Once again he proved his quality under Judge Guy Jeavons, who loved Olcan from the get go.  Olcan took, WD and BOB and BPIB over 5 other wolfhounds, all older then he.  A very exciting win that day.

Here he is at the IWCA (Irish Wolfhound Club of America) National Specialty in early May 2009.  Olcan had two terrific placements in the 6 to 9 month puppy dogs.  In Sweepstakes he took a second place under Breeder/Judge Jamie Souza-Bartlett (Limerick, USA).  He then went on and took first place in the 6 to 9 month in the regular Conformation, under the well known Canadian Judge Jim Reynolds.  Mr. Reynolds said, “A lovely light brindle dog.  Great substance and outline, great neck and shoulders, beautiful angulation front and rear.  Behaving very much as a puppy will but has a great deal of potential. (Due to my broken wrist Mrs. Daley offered to show him for which I was grateful.)

Olcan had been doing so well and then we came to the IWCC Quebec Regional Specialty at the end of May 2009.  He was now in the Senior Puppy class 9 to 12 months.  Under Breeder/Judge Mrs. Debbie Tebbutt (Caredig/Wales), he took first in the Senior Puppy Male class (9 to 12) and went on to take BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!  Many thanks to Savannah for her talented handling of my boy while I was still out with my healing wrist. Judge Tebbutt’s  critque said,  “A very nicely balanced cream brindle younster with plenty of substance and bone for his age and in full coat.  Attractive head with good furnishings and neat ears.  Nice depth of body and a well laid shoulder, good hind angulation.  He perplexed me as he reached out really well but his gait was not even at the start.  He’s young and perhaps he was a little edgy but there is lots of potential here.

Next I attended a few All Breed shows where Olcan and my Mannie would pick up points against other wolfhounds towards their Championship titles.  But it was at the Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club All Breed shows on July 4 and 5th, 2009  that Olcan once again showed under more knowledgeable judges for his breed.   On his first day under Judge Fred Heal he took Winners Dog and BPIG.  His Uncle “Salt” took the BOB and then took Best in Show.  Way to go for the both of them!!  Under Judge Charles Cyopik he took Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in Group again and Tumanako (“Mannie”), took the Winners Dog and Salt took the BOB.  Salt went on to take the Best in Show again. (Once again due to my broken wrist Savannah showed my boys.)

Olcan, a momma’s boy was tired of the showing business and wanted mom. Sooooo........, he agreed to look where we wanted him to when his “mom” joined the line up.

His “Uncle Salt”, in front with Mrs. Daley, Savannah (now a professional handler) behind with my Olcan, who has just taken Best Puppy in Breed. and Group!

On July 19, 2009 Olcan took BPIG at the CASA Specialty under Judge Thora Brown.  She said, “He is the best balanced wolfhound I’ve seen in a while.  His topline is also the best I’ve seen.  I would love to see him in another couple of years.”  Mrs. Brown had just been saying what I had been hearing since starting to show this boy.  I do hope to show him again under her when he matures.

The next Specialty was the IWADV (Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley) Specialty.  Olcan under Breeder/Judge Donna Pitt (Calyddon/USA) took the 12 to 15 month class in Sweepstakes.  Mrs. Pitt said “Alone in his class this hound would have stood out in a full class.  He has a lovely head and ears, a strong neck into a good front assembly, with good bone.  His rear angulation does not match his front at the moment, and it shows when he is on the move, with more reach in front than he has rear drive.  A very nice young male.”

We started off the 2010 show season at the IWCC Quebec Regional Specialty in May.  At one and a half years of age Olcan placed third in the Open Dog class.  I knew it would be a tough one for my boy as he still has a lot of maturing to do.  However, even in the strong class he took a third placement.   He and one of the other of the dogs were the youngest in their class out of eight males.  The first place dog in his class also took the Winners Dog and BOB for the show and was the Westmister dog show winner.  The other male in front of him was a five year old, and as I mentioned, with the first place male both American champions.  All in all a very good placement for my boy.  Here is a candid picture of him entering the ring.

Following his nice win at the IWCC Quebect Specialty, Olcan’s next show was the IWANE Specialty in the USA.  He had a very exciting 1st place in the Novice dog class under Breeder/Judge Anthony Doyle (Killykeen/Ireland) and he was the youngest in the class.  I have admired Mr. Doyle’s views concerning wolfhounds for years and this was the first time I’ve had a chance to show under him.  He is a wonderful judge and it was a pleasure to show under him.  Though Olcan still has maturing to do Mr. Doyle like others before him spotted the quality of my boy.   He said to me “I can only fault him for his lack of furnishings, though really what need would he have of those when hunting wolves.  He is a very true and honest Irish Wolfhound.” (I explained to the judge Olcan had an allergic reaction to a rug cleaner I had used and lost his facial hair and furnishings, luckily at least most of it had come in before the show!)

This photo shows the ‘soft’ expression so clearly, though mind you (sigh) he is not holding his ears correctly, my lovely boy.


A New Chapter.................

My Olcan winning Best of Breed at the Kingston & District Kennel Club show on Sunday, June 19, 2011, under Judge Donald Wallace at two and a half years of age.  Olcan was handled by my friend Glenn McLaughlin of Majestic Kennels,  who kindly agreed to help me out when my Hercules took winners dog, a beautiful double win for me that day.  Glenn owns and shows his beautiful Bull Mastiffs and as this was his first time in the show ring with an Irish Wolfhound,  I want to extend a special thank you to him because I know my momma’s boy can be a handful for anyone but myself.  I also thank Judge Wallace for his patience with Olcan when he found out it was a first for both dog and handler.

Meet Olcan and his mother who is with her breeder/owner Terri Duff.  Olcan for the second day running took Best of Breed at the Kingston & District Kennel Club dog show in 2011.  Terri his co-breeder, had the great idea to pose with Olcan’s mother ‘Hannah’, who took the Best of Opposite Sex on the same day. Looking at the two of them I can clearly see the resemblance.  Thank you Terri for thinking of this lovely opportunity.  Hannah is a beautiful bitch and you should be very proud of her offspring. 

The following is a series of three candids showing  Olcan’s beautiful gait and reach.  I chose candids from this Best of Breed win at the Kingston Limestone City and Obedience Kennel Club show on July 23, 2011, because an Irish Wolfhound’s sound and effortless movement is just as important as his conformation.  There are those examples of our breed out there that may look good but just can’t move and I am proud to say that Olcan is not one of those.  This is one of the reasons I bring my young Champions out to show, to not only remind them how to show but prove I am still on track with my breeding program.

This side view shows how far Olcan’s good front assemply allows him to reach.  Unfortunately, a lot of Irish Wolfhounds have straight fronts/ shoulders.

The photographer, Dean Dennis caught both Olcan’s front reach and his rear extension.  A beautifully moving wolfhound’s  movement will look both powerful and effortless.  With good front and rear assembly a wolfhound will be able to easily display this as Olcan does here. (Note:  However, photographs can only show so much and I much prefer seeing a hounds movement in person.)

Another view showing his front and rear extension.  He just “floats” across the ground even in the extreme heat wave we were having this week  He is also a hound noted for maintaining his topline on the move which many do not..

The following candids are from Olcan’s showing at the Irish Wolfhound Quebec Regional Specialty Show of 2012. Though he didn’t make any special placement he moved and behaved beautifully.  I was very proud of him.  If one of my wolfhounds does not place when being shown against other champions at a Irish Wolfhound Specialty such as this it is usually a wolfhound that is either as good as or better than my own and a person should never have a problem having such hounds win against their own.

Ah ha.  I knew someone was taking a picture of me!

Awe, love showing in the rain......not.

At least the dog looks good!

His beautiful front movement.

Here was a very nice Group 2nd win under Judge Mr. B. Luxton of South Australia at the All Breed Limestone City Kennel Club dog show, Saturday July 28, 2012. I’m shown here with Mrs. Terri Duff of Baileysong Kennel his co-breeder.  Mr. Luxton said when I asked him what he thought about Olcan that “he is an excellent Irish Wolfhound.”  Short but sweet and a critique I obviously agree with!

The next day on Sunday Olcan took the Best of Breed under Judge Mrs. K. Ramey-Leblanc. 

Olcan at almost 6 years of age in June 2014 took a Group 4th win at the Kingston and District Kennel Club Show under Judge, Richard Paquette.

............and now here we are 2013 and Olcan is five years old.  I have shown my boy sparingly while I decided to whom I would breed him.  Last November I imported a beautiful 7 month old bitch from Conny Fernhout of Pitlochry’s in the Nederlands.  It was a big move but I had been watching the Irish Wolfhounds of her line and was very impressed not only with their excellent conformation but also the consistency in the hounds she produces. Olcan’s mate still has some maturing to do but I am hopeful he will get some beautiful puppies on our Olivia when she is ready.  In this photograph Olcan is posed with his one time handler and my friend Glenn McLaughlin of Majestic Kennels.

Olcan, turned five years old on August 26, 2013.  As you can see he has matured into a beautiful boy.


Tis myself with my boy.  I’ve no love of the camera and it has no love for me, besides he is the important one.

Olcan taking a time out while his younger ‘mate to be’, Olivia continues to run in the background. (September 2013)

My Olcan and I in the line up at the 2014 Quebec Regional Specialty for our Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada.  I was once again pleased that Judge Elisabet Janzen of Wolftone Kennels in Sweden recognized his quality!  He made it to the very last cut for Best of Breed beating out many other lovely wolfhounds specials and class dogs/bitches.  He was beaten by my Olivia for an Award of Merit (LOL).  He moved well and did his best.  Cannot ask for anything more.  He is a beautiful male in form and temperament!

Here he and I are on the move doing his ‘go around’ for the judge.

Well here we are, early fall of 2015.  My Olcan is 7 years, 3 months and counting.  I tend to keep my wolfhounds tidy but don’t bother show grooming them unless they are actively being shown.  This was a year away from the show ring for Olcan and even in 2016 he will on be shown at a couple of Specialties with his offspring.  He is a truly beautiful hound my ol’white faced fella.  At this age a wolfhound is beginning to become ‘elderly’.  This head study and the following candids where taken by Heather Bashow a professional photographer who loves sighthounds .  We have become friends and occasionally we visit her property where she takes these beautiful photos of my wolfhounds.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun having them taken!

Caught mid-flight, hmmm I did say entering the elderly stage??

Cute yes? Airplane ears!

My HAPPY face!

No couch potato, no sireee!!!!!

Hey, hold on ma (me) I’m coming!  He would let us get only so are before he had to catch up.  My baby, he is his mama’s boy.


Here he is enjoying a moment with myself and Heather.  He would stop every so often to sniff at an interesting scent and then realizing I had gotten too far from him he would trot as he caught up to us.  The others, Arwen (my Olivia’s daughter) and his son MacTire are a little ways off playing.  Olcan was just enjoying exploring on his own!


Last but not least here he is again running!  Olcan may be entering his ‘elderly’ years but thankfully it is with good health and grace.  I will treasure these moments and hope for many more in the coming years together!

Welcome to the 2016 IWCC Quebec Specialty with Kaldaun and my lovely boy, Baileysong Olcan’s Odyssy (co-bred with Terri Duff of Baileysong, out of my Aru.)  Olcan is eight years old now and in a couple of months will be nine.  This is his retirement show and though I had hopes he is a veteran and his gait is not as good as last year.  But my doesn’t he look good!

Well he showed us all!  Many thanks to Breeder/Judge Csilla Juhasz of Glor Na Gael Irish Wolfhounds in Hungary for recognizing the quality in my boy!  He took Best Male Veteran, Best Veteran in Specialty and finished with Best Stud Dog!  A lovely retirement present, thank you Judge Csilla Juhasz and Olcan. 


On the move and this old boy can still reach!  You don’t get this movement in the straight shouldered older wolfhounds!  Woohoo, lol!


Examination time and as usual he is a rock.  LOL, it helps that she is female, he loves the women!


Here we are competing for the Best Veteran in Specialty.  The Best Veteran Bitch was lovely.  I was not sure he could beat her.  You rocked Olie!


So here we are in the winter of 2016/2017.  Enjoying the day out with Olcan, his son MacTire and Neila (we call her his niece but no shared bloodlines, lol)  He still enjoys trotting along keeping up with the ‘youngsters’.

I want to thank Heather Bashow of Deerhaven Photography once again for this opportunity and the following wonderful photos.  There is no way I could have taken these, even with a really great camera (lol).

“Wonder what they are up to?  Looks like fun!


An Irish Wolfhound’s eyes are so expressive.  This is Olcan with his son MacTire.  Lovely, deep, chocolately brown, the correct colour that a wolfhounds’ eyes should be!

Myself (Rudolph look alike.), Olcan and his niece Neila, an Olivia daughter.  We are all enjoying ourselves!


The Irish Wolfhound, sighthounds who are always watching everything around them!

Huh, the ‘old’ guy managed to get ahead of the youngsters! LOL I see a picture like this and wonder at his serious expression, “what do you see my boy?”


My gorgeous ‘white face’.  Olcan has a beautiful masculine wolfhound head.

“Maybe I should go check up on them?”


Well so long for now.  Time to head home.  Heather was amazed at how my wolfhounds tended to not stray too far and how they would gather around me.  I reminded her that I was after all the Pack Leader!  As usual Olcan, my right hand and the alpha dog.  Not for much longer I don’t think old son.  The wheel of life spins and both he and I are getting older.  His son is right behind us.  It is as it should be.......

We will have more photos hopefully later in 2017.  Candids of my Olcan I hope as an active 9 year old!  Hope you enjoyed meeting Olcan a truly awesome example of the Irish Wolfhound!

BaileySong Olcan’s Odyssy, portrait by Elise West.


So here we are, the fall of 2017 and Olcan is now over 9 years of age and has developed lumbrosacral disease (basically arthritis in the spine).  He is arthritis but using glycosamine and tumeric has helped to keep him active.  With it now in his spine he can’t walk on the sidewalks where we live as far, but out here at his adopted Aunt Heather’s property he was able to make it all the way around the trails.  Another reason I want to move back out of the suburbs!

In fact he managed to break into the odd run here and there!  It was such a please to see him enjoy himself so much with the girls.  Many thanks to Heather Bashow once again for helping to capture these poignant moments.


See mum, I still got the ‘Airplane’ ears, weee!


This is how I will always remember my beautiful boy and all my beautiful wolfhounds, this love of being with we humans and the runnnnn.



And may the story continue........


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