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        Cdn. Ch. Pitlochry’s Olivia:  Born - May 19, 2012                                                                              Sire - Pitlochry’s Ramses                                                                       Dam - Pitlochry’s Emmely                                                                    Place of Birth - Nederlands


I am pleased to present the newest addition to the Kaldaun family, Pitlochry’s Olivia shown here at 14 months of age.  Olivia represents a big change for Kaldaun.  As an owner/handler and breeder of Irish Wolfhounds I wanted to see more consistency in their conformation and better results in longevity.  So, at the end of a long search I found what I was looking for.  With the encouragement from a fellow breeder and friend I approached Mrs. Conny Fernhout of Pitlochry’s Sighthounds in the Nederlands.  Conny has achieved something that breeders everywhere strive for.  The consistency in the conformation of her Irish Wolfhounds was and is what drew me to her.  When I explained to Conny that I was looking for a young bitch who had not only great conformation but had longevity behind her she showed me Olivia.  Olivia’s background has not only the consistency of conformation Conny is known for but also  has very good longevity.  When she arrived here in Canada at 7 months of age I said to Conny, “Thank you so much Conny.  Though Olivia is not the largest bitch I’ve ever owned or bred she has the best conformation of any I’ve owned and has the beautiful movement I love!” 

Jail Time! Olivia at 7 months of age.  She loved sticking her head through the cat door to the basement.  Thankfully, she soon outgrew it!

Olivia at 7 months sleeping after playing with her ‘babbies’.  She is very good with her toys not tearing them apart.  Unforunately, she has to be careful or her ‘brothers’ will do it for her!

Hmmmmm, is this the more comfortable position??

My toys!!

Olivia is 9 months old here and we are now taking show classes and obedience classes.  Olivia is doing well in both and here she is with a friend of mine Glenn McLaughlin, working on her show stance.

Olivia’s first show and only the one day at Ottawa.  She had just turned 12 months and was a bit nervous.  It definitely showed at times but overall she behaved well.  Unfortunately she did not place but I’m certain it is just a matter of time with her maturity and confidence improving.  Overall I was quite pleased with her performance.  Many thanks to Sarah Duff for this lovely candid.  I certainly appreciated it.

Working again at an informal show practice with friends.  Olivia is almost 13 months and though I’ve removed most of her coat you can see how windy it was by her furnishings going every which way!


Beginnings of maturity!


In July 2013 Olivia turned 14 months and is finally beginning to fill in and behave better when shown.  Here with my friend Glenn McLaughlin of Majestic Kennels Olivia obtained her first BOB (Best of Breed) and a 3 point major under the judge Patricia Nemirovsky-Aisina.  Moving with power and grace the judge recognized her quality and commented on Olivia’s excellent shoulders, a very good rear and beautiful topline.

Olivia with my couch potato, Olcan.  She has him pooped out in no time and then continues to run and run and run....well you get the picture.

Olivia with her half-sister and friend Pitlochry’s Prada, owned by a friend of mine Cathy Charles.  Looks like the girls want to try their paws at masonry!

Hmmm what are my sister and friends up to over there.  Hold on guys here I come!


Investigating together!!!  Never, ever underestimate the power of THREE!

Olivia taking BOB at the Belleville & District Kennel Club on the Sunday, October 27, 2013..  She had actually taken enough Champion ship points in September at the Sight Hound Specialty by taking WB, but I was unable that day to stay for a photograph.  She is shown here with Judge Michael Gelinas.

Olivia being handled by Glenn McLaughlin of Majestic Kennels at Del-Oste-Nango Kennel Club Show  November of 2013 in Syracuse.  Judge Karen A Dumke awarded her Winners Bitch and BOS giving her a 4 point major!!  Thank you Glenn for your outstanding handling  and Judge Dumke for recognizing the quality of my girl.

On Sunday in Syracuse, Olivia at 17 months of age took BOB under Judge Richard L Reynolds.  She then went on for Group judging but you could see my girl was tired after such a long day.  She did not want to listen but still managed to make the cut twice before loosing out in the final placements.

We returned to Syracuse in the Spring of 2014.  Thursday, March 27th, at the Onondaga Kennel Association Show Olivia took the Winners Bitch and BOS, for another 2 points under Judge Timothy S Robbins, once again handled by Glenn.  Good job Glenn!

A couple of candid shots of Olivia on the move at the 2014 Quebec Regional Specialty.  She is a powerful yet graceful mover!

Olivia winning an Award of Merit at the 2014 Quebec Specialty Show under Judge Elisabet Janzen of Wolftone Kennels in Sweden.  Her critique but pretty spot on.  “Very pretty ultra feminine bitch, lovely head, and expression, she could be taller and she was out of coat this day, but she moved and behaved like a Queen.”  An Award of Merit is given “at the discretion of the Judge, and is an additional award made to outstanding entries that are not judged to be either BOB/BOS on that day. 

I then showed Olivia at a the Kingston and District Kennel Club show in June 2014, where she went BOS each day.  This started her on her Grandchampionship.  At this time because Olivia does not enjoy the show world I may not pursue this distinction.  As she was bred the following month she was not shown again in 2014.  The following will be candids of her and her lovely litter of 7 puppies whelped September 7, 2014.

Olivia with her son Kaldaun’s Alister, aka “Alex”.  They love cuddling with mom!  Hard to believe but this ‘little’ fella is now with Steve Ritchie of Wolftrak Farm in Texas!

To the left we have the two girls, my Kaldaun’s Arwen and Kaldaun’s Aisling.  To the right is a photo showing four of the boys.  Yes I know there are only three boys but that tail you see disappearing off screen does belong to brother ‘Sage’, now known as Kaldaun’s Alasdair.  I was beginning to suspect him of being camera shy as you will see from the next photograph. (LOL)!

Well here are four of the boys.  Now I took this photo a few months back and now looking at it I am sure that the fellow with his head covered by ‘Alex’ is ‘Sage’, aka Alasdair.  However, even with his ribbon hidden I think it is him because his brother, Kaldaun’s Artemis is not in this photo.  Artemis is the only wheaton brindle Olivia had definitely stands out from his siblings.....well he kind of does (LOL).

Play time with mom!

Puppy Pile!!!         

and her Story continues.........

Olivia now three years old!  She has become the beautiful mature Irish Wolfhound bitch I knew she would be!  The following are updated photos from early spring 2015.  Enjoy!

Olivia with her daughter, Arwen video!

As you can see from the above photographs Olivia loves to run, especially with her daughter and the rest of the pack!  Thanks to Heather Bashow for the wonderful photographs and video!

On May 26, 2015 Olivia took a Group 3rd win under Judge Jocelyne Gagne, handled once again by my friend Glenn McLaughlin.  A great start for a new year!

On May 30th, 2015, handled by Glenn, Olivia once again took an Award of Merit and Best Brood Bitch award at the Quebec Regional Specialty show under sighthound Breeder/Judge Jenny Dove of Saringa, UK.  (I will post photos and the judge’s critique when it is available.

Pitlochry’s Olivia has passed her Heart Certification!

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