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I’m taking this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to a few special people and businesses, without whose assistance, patience, knowledge, support and contributions I might not have had this website or taken the next step, from dog showing to becoming an actual breeder of Irish Wolfhounds.  It has taken years to get to this point and I hope to not disappoint any of them.

Personal Dedications:

To begin I dedicate this web site to my mother and father.  My mother was the one who gave me the incentive to begin showing my wolfhounds in the first place.  It was her push “go for it” when she knew she was dying that gave me the impetus to get more involved with the showing of my dogs.  Like many who show or are breeding today I started out with owning Irish Wolfhounds as pets.  My mother not only “doggy sat” my dogs she helped walk, train and groom them.  She was a true inspiration and a truly giving human being.  I was told once that such strong feelings amongst family members were quote “silly emotional ties”.  Well thank the Lord for such ties I say because after her death, not only did I “go for it”,  my father stepped in and took over the “dog sitting” tasks and has been general dog holder at many a dog show.  Thank you dad, I couldn’t have done this without either of you.

Now for those of my family members whom I have to just admit I owe a debt of thanks to as well.  First my Aunt Blanche who has been the occasional dog sitter over the last few years.  I can only say how much I’ve truly appreciate her help, especially considering she isn’t even a “dog” person.  Next are Tasha and Angela.  Two of my nieces who helped show various dogs of mine.  Way to go girls, especially to Tasha, who was able to take my male “Bassie” to his Canadian Championship.  Thanks again to you both girls, I truly appreciate all you have done.  Then of course my brother George, who not only helped with driving to the long distance dogs shows but even pitched in to handled a few times.  Since he really had no clue about handling I have to hand it to him.  Thanks bro, way to go!!

To the person who I finally purchased my first wolfhounds, Connie Banks of Superstar Irish Wolfhounds.  You sold me such beautiful examples of the breed that you actually inspired me.  I remember what you said in answer to my inquiry as to whether there was a difference in price between a “Pet Quality” or “Show Quality”  wolfhound.  You told me that you did not make such distinctions and that “all my wolfhounds are of quality to be shown, I do not have two different prices.”  Thank you Connie, I understand now what you meant and have also adopted this practice.

To Conny Fernhout-schildt of Pitlochery’s in the Nederlands.  Thank you for your trust and providing me with such a lovely bitch to serve as my new foundation bitch.  She will be just what the Kaldaun bloodline needs as we continue to develop.

To Cathy Charles of Tirnanog Irish Wolfhounds who believed in me and my dogs.  Though we lost our boy too young Cathy  he was a blessing.

To another friend Louise Bouchat-Laird of Kalkinney Kennels I want to thank you for the incentive to take the first steps not only towards the creation of my own kennel but assisting me with the technical know for this website.  Your assistance will always be remembered.

To Terri Duff of Baily’Song Kennel who loved my Aru enough to use him to sire a beautiful litter with her Hannah.  They produced many fine puppies but I was able to get my beautiful Olcan from this breeding.  I also want to thank her for the many tidbits of knowledge she has also been able to pass on about the whole world of breeding and showing.  I also want to acknowledge your offers of help when I’ve had moments of loss as we all do in this close world of breeding Irish Wolfhounds.  Thank you Terri and thank you Sarah (her daughter) for being the nice person she is and always willing to help.  Always appreciated.

I would also like to thank the many pet owners who have given my dogs’ offspring such great homes!!                                                                                                                          

Regarding the development of this website I would like to thank the following people:

Louise Bouchat-Laird - Fellow Irish Wolfhound breeder, “you have led the charge.”

Alan Laird - My IT expert, sorry Alan not my fault, she (you know who) sicked me on to you.  Seriously thanks for helping out this technologically challenged person.  I’m sure I’ve driven you crazy at times with the things you had to “fix” when I got through with them.  I’m not sure I could have continued with this without your help and Louise’s support.

Bradley W. Schenck of Celtic Art & Retro-Futuristic Design:  I love the borders you have allowed me to use.  Your artwork is beautiful.  You can see his celtic knotwork @

Terri Duff of Baileysong Irish Wolfhounds: Thank you for allowing me to use the photo of “Olcan” with his mother “Hannah” after their wins at the Kingston & District Council Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show

Cari Buzick of Celtic Art Illumination:  I love your celtic artwork and thank you for the use of them on my website.  Cari’s  website can be reached @

Heather Bashow of Deerhaven Photography: You truly know how to catch my wolfhounds perfectly Heather.  Thank you so much. Heather’s website can be reached at

Collen Ellis:  I want to send special thanks to you for allowing me to ‘borrow’ the use of your beautiful video, highlighting the many dog portraits of the dogs, especially wolfhounds you have captured over the years.  The video link is under my Olcan’s photograph on my Poems webpage.  Enjoy!

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