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The Boys

The “Boys” were what Kaldaun was about; at least at one time.  I used to keep only one girl at a time but things are changing as I approach early retirement in order to pursue the breeding portion of my life long love of this breed.

I will probably now have more of the ‘Girls’ and less boys and will certainly miss having my multiple boys because I personally have a preference for my big fellas.  As all my Irish Wolfhounds live in my house with me it will be easier on a single male to deal with multiple bitches in heat than multiple males, hence my decision.

I have found over the years that my intact Irish Wolfhounds get along fairly well when living in one house when there is only one sex present.  That said, it is also dependant on the training and individual characters of the dogs.  Having one of each is not a problem either.

Not currently having enough physical space to keep many wolfhounds of each sex can limit one’s breeding program.  That being the case I have discovered that even if I had tons of acerage I would still limit the number of wolfhounds I have.  I have and will only breed first for myself.  This enables me to keep more adult hounds that may coexist peacefully in my household.  Ultimately  it comes down to wanting my wolfhounds intimately involved living in my home, not just on the periphery of my life.  I will be therefore most likely begin having the one litter per year and hopefully enjoy watching Kaldaun’s Wolfhounds becoming better known over the next few years!

I currently have two males, the oldest is my, Olcan (pronounced Ul-kawn, Irish meaning is “wolf”) who will be 7 years old on August 26th, 2015 and his son MacTire (pronounced MacTeer, Irish meaning is “son of the wolf”).  Olcan thankfully enjoys very good health and is the father of four puppies, the other three residing with their co-breeder, Terry Duff of Baileysong Kennels in Johnston, Ontario.

The following pages will be devoted to those now gone, my foundation wolfhounds as well as my current hounds.  I hope you enjoy getting to meet them all.


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