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Tihi Aru

Cdn Ch Aotearoa Tihi Aru (aka “Aru”):  Born February 14, 2004                                                                                                                           Sire:  Cdn Ch Aotearoa Kia Ora                                                                                                                Dam:  Cdn Ch Aotearoa Te Ngarara Huarau

“Tihi Aru” means “Top Hound” in Maori, the language of the the native peoples of New Zealand.

My Aru  was a beautiful male, in temperament and conformation.  Though he had very good conformation and did some exciting placements at various Irish Wolfhound Specialties he never really put himself out to be shown.  However, as with most Irish Wolfhounds he did it to please his mistress and after his last successful win I decided to grant his wish of an “early retirement”, in which he took control of the “pack” to become my Alpha male.  The following is a picture of my Aru receiving Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed to finish his Canadian Championship in October of 2007 under Judge Elaine Whitney at the All Breed, Belleville and District Kennel Dog Show.

My Aru started his career like his father Kia by taking a Best Puppy in Breed and then Best Puppy in Group at just six months of age at the Cornwall and District Dog Show in September of 2006.

In September 2006 at the IWCC National Specialty another exciting placement under Breeder/Judge Elizabeth Murphy (Carrokeel, Ireland).  Aru took second in the 6 to 9 month dogs. Her comments were, “Typical puppy, well made, good head and coat.”

Then another exciting placement at the 2nd Annual IWAGS Specialty in the USA in October of 2006..  He placed second in the 6 to 9 month dogs, under Judge Greg Shaw.

In May of 2007 at the IWCC Regional Specialty in Quebec, Aru placed 2nd in the 12 to 18 month dogs, under Judge Nancy King-Aiken.  She said “A nice head, acceptable ears, length to height was good.  He carried himself well, had an outgoing and pleasant temperament.  He had a free moving gait.

Then in September of 2007 under Judge Ulli Peiler, Ireland (Knocknarea), Aru placed third in the Canadian Bred Males.  Judge Peiler said, “Smaller and less mature than the first two hounds, he lacks masculinity.  Good overall balance, good coat, good hindquarters. (I have to agree with the judge as to his lack of masculinity.  Poor Aru was such a pretty fellow.  However, as my boy slowly matured over the next year,  he became a truly beautiful and masculine male.)

In October 2007 at the IWAGS Specialty under Breeder/Judge Mrs. Jean McDonald-Ulliott (Hibeck, UK), Aru took First in Novice Dogs.  Mrs. McDonald-Ulliott said, “Tall imposing male built on strong lines, he was in good form wearing a lovely crisp jacket.  Typical head, decent front, but would like more deapth and forechest (my Aru did get these as he matured), he lacked muscle tone and would benefit with more weight (he got this as well).  He had a shapely underline with correct hind angulations.  Moved well.”


Young Aru, around 16 weeks old on a mission.

Ah ha, found her!  His older sister (two weeks older) Noa and my brother George.

Aru around 1 year old showing his lovely head.

I bred my Aru to a nice bitch, “Hannah”.  She was a daughter of Barbara Daley’s Manuka and owned by Terri Duff.  Manuka was one of Barbara’s  top winning hounds and a half brother of my Kia Ora.  Here are is a photo of the offspring I chose to keep.  I named him “Olcan”, meaning “wolf “ in old Irish.  I cover his show career on his own page, but he shows more promise in outdoing his father!

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