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Cdn Ch Aotearoa Oldline Tumanako (aka “Mannie”):  Born:  December 31, 2007                                                                                                     Sire:  Cdn Ch Aotearoa Kia Ora                                                                                              Dam: Oldline’s Darkest Moment

Tumanako is another Maori word meaning “Hope” and Tumanako, aka “Mannie” certainly meant that to me after loosing his father Kia.  From the first he was an attractive strong boned male and has done well so far in his show career.  He also displayed an outgoing and friendly temperament.  Unfortunately he inherited his father’s strong headedness when it comes to showing.   That and his rapid growth meant he needed rest, so I rested him for 6 months.  His show career when it began in earnest brought him up against his cousin “Salt” who was campaigning for and became the No. 1 Irish Wolfhound in Canada for 2009.  For the more immature Mannie this meant a lot of winners dog awards to obtain his Championship, with the BOB’s going to cousin “Salt”, a truly “commanding” Irish Wolfhound.  Mannie has “settled” down a trifle now and I look forward to showing him in 2010 at some of our Irish Wolfhound Specialties.

Mannie at 7 months of age.  Just beginning to get him used to “posing”.  My beautiful boy.

Mannie took WD, BOW and BOB in the April 2008 Arnprior All Breed dog show.  It was his first show and I was very proud of him.  As I had a broken wrist, Savannah now a professional handler, located ,in Kingston, Ontario, helped not only train him but showed him to his Championship as well.  Savannah is an up and coming handler and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and her mother Gwen, the owner of Luv a K9, in not only helping to show but to train my Mannie and his nephew Olcan.  Thank you for your help Savannah, it was truly appreciated and I know the boys loved working with you.

Then a truly exciting set of wins for Mannie in September of 2007 at the IWCC National Specialty.  Under  Susan AndrewJudges, Mannie took first in the 6 to 9 month old Junior Puppy dog class in Sweepstakes.  He was just 8 months old at the time and following in his father Kia’s paw prints.

Then he went on at the same show, and took another first in the 6 to 9 month Junion Puppy Class, this time under Judge Jurgen Rosner (Germany) who was judging conformation.  Mr. Rosner had this to say, “A red wheaton young dog, beautiful head, very good pigmentation, dark eyes, long neck, good ears, deep chest, good topline, could be a little bit longer, a little bit straight in shoulder and upper arm, enough angulation behind, moves well with good drive.

Here are a few pictures of Mannie “The Man” in movement and his “beautiful” head.  I am very proud of this young fellow.

Mannie is displaying the “soft expression” that is so common in the Irish Wolfhound breed.

I wish to take this time to thank Norm Freedman for taking such beautiful pictures of my boy and being able to capture that expression..

Then in October of 2008 at the IWADV (Irish Wolfhound Association of Delaware Valley) Specialty Mannie took a fourth place in the 9 to 12 month Puppy Dog class, under Breeder/Judge Mrs. Jean Malley (Ainsea, UK).

Then just a couple of weeks later at the IWAGS (Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State) Specialty Mannie took a third place in the 9 to 12 month Puppy Dog class, under Breeder/Judge James Behan, (Ireland).  Mr. Behan said, “This young hound has an acceptable head and his bite is ok.  He has a good neck.  Needs to strengthen in the back.  Although he is a little short coupled he is nicely angulated in the rear.  Love his harsh coat.”

It was after this show that I rested my “Mannie the Man”, as due to his rapid rate of growth his gait was becoming affected and I did not want to put any more stress on him at this stage, physical or mental.

In 2009 Mannie finished as I mentioned earlier his Championship with multiple Winners Dog and a BOB win.  His first show this year I entered him at the 2010 IWCC Regional Specialty in Quebec, as a Special (Champion).  He did not take WD but he ran beautifully for me and the following are a couple of his photos.

Mannie moving out beautifully.  He will still dip his head to “sniff” if I don’t watch him but he had come a long way at 2 years of age.  His next show is to be the IWCC National Specialty.

Oldline’s Darkest Moment, (aka ‘Gypsy’) my Mannie’s mother here at approximately 2 years of age with a Group placement win.  (Photo courtesy of her Breeder/Owner, Candy Rubenick.  A very lovely girl!

These head study portraits by Elise West are of my Man at 8 months and at 5 and a half years old, were finished not long before he was diagnosed and died of osteosarcoma.


He is gone now my beautiful boy, over the Rainbow Bridge where someday I too will travel and meet them all again.  May you run and play with no more pain my beautiful boy.



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